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Abbreviation Full Form
AD Syringe Auto destruct Syringes
AEFI Adverse events following Immunisation
AFB Acid fast Bacillus
AFB- Acid fact Bacillus Usually refers to Tuberculosis bacilli, although organism for Leprosy is also Acid fast.
AMC Annual maintenance Contract
ANC Ante Natal Care
ANC completed IFA prophylaxis Number of Antenatal cases who have taken Tablet Iron & Folic Acid for 100 days during pregnancy.
ANC given 3 checkups Antenatal cases who have been given three checkups as per Schedule Ist Check-up at 20-24 weeks, 2nd at 28-32 weeks and 3rd at 36 weeks of pregnancy
ANC given TT Number of Antenatal cases given tetanus Toxoid injections( Sum of 2nd dose and Booster dose )
ANM Auxiliary Nurse Midwife
APH – (Ante partum haemorrhage) Bleeding during pregnancy from 28 weeks onwards till delivery.
APL Above Poverty Line
Aseptic delivery Delivery not contaminated by sepsis/infection. Normal deliveries are usually aseptic.
ASHA Accredited Social Health Activist
ASHA Kit Drug and item kit provided to ASHA for daily use.
Asphyxsia ARI (hypoxia) to a newborn infant long enough to cause harm.
Assisted delivery An assisted delivery is a situation where birth of a child may have to be assisted using forceps or vacuum extraction. It may happen in normal delivery or during abnormal presentations like Breech delivery etc. It may also be required in medical conditions like preeclampsia etc.
Audiometrician A technician trained to carry out tests for hearing using special equipment.
Auto analyser Equipment for carrying out automatic tests in labs.
Autoclave Equipment used to sterilise equipments/ dressing material.
AV Aids Audio Visual Aids
Average daily OPD Calculated by dividing total OPD of the month by available OPD days (Total No. Of days on which OPD services are available)
AYUSH Stands for department of Ayurveda, Yoga& Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy

Abbreviation Full Form
BCC Behaviour Change Communication
Bed Days Available The maximum number of inpatient days of care that would have been provided if all beds were filled during the year. If 50 beds were available for use each day during the year, bed days available would be 50 x 365 = 18,250. If the number of beds fluctuated throughout the year, bed days available should reflect this and the calculation would be more complicated. Other terms used for bed days available include "potential days," "maximum patient days," or "total inpatient bed count days."
Bed occupancy rate To calculate the average occupancy rate for a typical one-year reporting period, two data item are needed.
(Inpatient Days of Care / Bed Days Available) x 100
These include "Inpatient Days of Care" and "Bed Days Definitions of these two items are as follows:
BeMOC Services refer to facilities with following essential services –
1. Parenteral administration of Antibiotic
2. Parenteral administration of Anticonvulsants
3. Parenteral administration of Oxytocics
4. Assisted vaginal delivery
5. Manual removal of Placenta.
6. Removal of retained products of conception
Bio medical waste refers to any waste, which is generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunisation of human beings
BITOT'S Spots Bitot's spots are superficial, foamy gray, triangular spots on the white of the eyeball due to Vitamin A deficiency
Blood Smear Examination of blood for different types of cell counts.
Blood Storage Unit These are smaller blood storage facilities primarily designed for FRUs abut may also be located at any CHC, PHC or any other govt hospital. These units have blood storage capability of 50 units at one time.
Bone marrow biopsy Biopsy of bone marrow cells.
Boyles Apparatus Equipment for providing anaesthesia and respiratory assistance.
BPL Below Poverty Line
Breech presentation Delivery of foetus with feet presentation.
Bronchoscopy Examination of bronchi (Lungs) using an instrument – Bronchoscope.

Abbreviation Full Form
CeMOC Services refer to facilities with all services listed under BeMOC and also include the following-
  1. Availability of blood and blood transfusion facility.
  2. Facility for Caesarean section for delivery of foetus in emergency cases
Cervical tear Tear of cervix during delivery.
Citizen's charter It is a document which focuses on rights of citizens with respect to services to be provided at different levels and in different type of facilities. It describes level and quality of services which a citizen can expect and also the people responsible for these services.
Cold Chain This is a temperature controlled supply chain, usually for temperature sensitive items like vaccines and sera. Different types of equipment is usually available at various facilities like – Deep freezer, ILR(Ice Lined Refrigerator), Cold boxes etc.
Colony Hospital Health facilities in Urban areas having indoor facilities with more than 30 Beds.
Cradle A cradle (also called a crib) is a small bed, for holding babies in maternal wards.
CSF Cerebral Spinal fluid
CSF Analysis Study (Lab test) of Cerebro spinal fluid.

Abbreviation Full Form
DDK Disposable delivery Kit
Disease classification hospital records. The system is based on WHO classification manual – ICD -10 It is a system used to classify diseases and other health problems which are recorded on many types of health and vital records including death certificates and
Disease classification hospital records. The system is based on WHO classification manual – ICD -10 It is a system used to classify diseases and other health problems which are recorded on many types of health and vital records including death certificates and
DMC Designated Microscopic centre
DOTS Directly Observed Treatment Strategy
DPMU District Program Management Unit
DPT 3 Number of infants given 3rd dose of oral DPT vaccine during routine immunisation.

Abbreviation Full Form
Eclampsia It is a serious complication of pregnancy characterised by convulsions. It usually follows pre-Eclampsia.
Ectopic pregnancy Pregnancy where product of conception is outside the uterus.
EDD Expected date of delivery
ESI Employees State Insurance

Abbreviation Full Form
Fibre optic endoscopy Examination of internal cavities of body using an instrument – endoscope- which has a Fiberoptic light source at the end and is flexible.
FMR Financial Monitoring Report
Forceps delivery Delivery of child using the Forceps in second stage.

Abbreviation Full Form
GIS Geographical Information System
GOI Govt of India

Abbreviation Full Form
Haematology Refers to study of blood and blood products. Usually refers to examination of blood cells and their functions through laboratory testing.
Health Post Outreach service post (Type a, b and c) in urban areas having less than 10000 population. It is manned by ANM. Type D health post is manned by Medical officer and caters to a population of 30000 – 50000.
HFWTC Health& Family welfare Training Centres
High dependency Units (HDU)- Special Wards for patients needing more intensive care (more than general ward, but less than intensive care).
Histopathology Branch of pathology that deals with examination of different types of tissues.
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HRD Human resource development
Hysterectomy Surgical removal of uterus.

Abbreviation Full Form
ICDS Integrated Child Development Services
IDSP Integrated Disease Surveillance Program
IEC Information Education &Communication
IFA Iron & Folic Acid
IMEP Infection management and environmental protection
IMNCI Integrated management of Neonatal & Child infections
Incubator Equipment used to keep the new born babies warm especially after premature birth. Can also be used to transport the baby to other hospitals.
Infant Newborn up to Ist year of life.
Infertility treatment Treatment for failure to conceive.
Inpatient days of Care Sum of each daily inpatient census for the year. To arrive at this total, you would simply add together each daily census for the 365 days in the year. Other synonymous terms include "total inpatient service days," "occupied bed days," or "census patient days of care."
IPD In patient department
IPHS Indian Public Health Standards
Isolation room The isolation rooms are used for patients who need respiratory isolation. This is a negative pressure room that uses reverse circulation of the air to maintain isolation.
Ist trimester registration of Pregnancy Registration within 12 weeks of pregnancy
IUD Intra Uterine Device
IUD 380 Contains Copper T which can provide protection for 10 years.

Abbreviation Full Form
JSY Jananai Suraksha Yojna

Abbreviation Full Form
Laprotomy A Laprotomy is a surgical procedure involving an incision through the abdominal wall to gain access into the abdominal cavity
Laryngoscope A laryngoscope is a medical instrument that is used to obtain a view of the vocal cords and the glottis, which is the space between the cords.
LHV Lady Health Visitor
LMP Last menstrual period ( usually refers to first day of last cycle)
Lumber puncture Puncture of lower spinal cord( in lumber region), usually done as a diagnostic procedure to remove Cerebro spinal fluid-CSF)

Abbreviation Full Form
Major surgery Usually refers to surgery which requires general or spinal anaesthesia.
Malnutrition Diet (nutrition) Malnutrition is a general term for a medical condition caused by an improper or insufficient diet. It most often refers to under nutrition resulting from inadequate consumption, poor absorption, or excessive loss of nutrients.
Maternal Death Death of any women during pregnancy due to any cause or post partum period (up to 42 days after delivery).
Maternity Home Health facilities in Urban areas which provide indoor services for institutional deliveries. They have less than 30 Beds.
MCH Maternal and Child Health
MD Mission Director
MDT Multi drug Treatment
Meeting register Register for recording minutes of meeting and other details.
Micro birth plan This is a tool basically to structure the events/actions related with pregnancy and delivery (To be drawn up by ANM/ASHA). Essentially it consists of –
a. Registration and filling up of JSY card
b. Calculation of EDD(Expected date of delivery)
c. Informing dates of three essential check ups
d. Identification of health facility where delivery will take place
e. Identification of means of transport
Mid trimester abortion Abortion between 14th and 24 weeks of pregnancy.
Minor surgery Usually refers to surgery which requires local/ No anaesthesia.
MIS Management Information System
Miscarriage it refers to spontaneous abortion on or before 20 weeks of pregnancy.
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPHW (M) Multi Purpose health Worker-Male
MTP Medical Termination of Pregnancy
MVA Syringe Manual Vacuum Aspiration Syringe

Abbreviation Full Form
Neo natal sepsis Neonatal sepsis is a blood infection that occurs in an infant younger than 90 days old. It is caused due to bacterial infection.
Neo-natal sepsis Neonatal sepsis is a blood infection that occurs in an infant younger than 90 days old. It is caused due to bacterial infection.
Neonate Newborn up to 28 days after birth.
New born care corner Refers to set up for care of sick new born. It ahs minimum resuscitation equipment, arrangement for baby warmth and weighing etc.
NIDDCP National Iodine Deficiency disorders control program
NLEP National Leprosy Eradication Program
NPCB National Program for Blindness Control
NRHM National Rural Health Mission
NSP Case- Non Sputum Positive Case
NSV Non Scalpel Vasectomy
NVBDCP National Vector Borne Disease Control Program

Abbreviation Full Form
OP Oral Contraceptive Pills
OPD Out Patient Department
OPV Oral Polio Vaccine
OPV3 Number of infants given 3rd dose of oral polio vaccine during routine immunisation.
ORS Oral Rehydration Solution
OT Operation Theatre

Abbreviation Full Form
PAP smear (Papanicolaou test) A Pap smear is an examination under the microscope of cells scraped from the Cervix.
Partograph The Partograph is a tool that is used to assess the progress of labour and to identify when intervention is necessary.
Pericardial tapping Removal of fluid which may collect in between the membranes covering the heart.
PHN Public Health Nurse
Phototherapy unit Equipment used to provide phototherapy for babies with neo natal jaundice.
Pleural biopsy Biopsy of membrane (pleura) covering the lungs.
PNC Post Natal Care
POL Petrol, Oil & Lubricants
PP Units Post Partum Units
PPH Post Partum Haemorrhage
PPH – (Post Partum Haemorrhage) Excessive bleeding occurring after child birth (up to six weeks after delivery).
PPI Pulse Polio Immunisation
PPP Public Private Partnership
Pre-Eclampsia It is medical condition arising in pregnancy which is characterised by hypertension and loss of proteins in urine.
PRI Panchayati Raj Institution
Pulmonary function test Pulmonary function tests are a group of tests that measure how well the lungs take in and release air and how well they move oxygen into the blood.

Abbreviation Full Form
Radiant heat warmer These are equipments designed to provide intense source of radiant energy to keep the babies warm.
RCH Reproductive & Child Health
Refractionist A technician trained to measure the refraction of the eye and to determine the proper corrective lenses.
Resuscitation equipment Equipment used for resuscitation like – end tracheal tubes, laryngoscope, Ambu bag etc.
Retained placenta It is a condition where all or part of placenta is retained in the uterus.
RIMS Routine Immunisation Monitoring System
RKS Rogi Kalyan Samiti
RMP Registered Medical Practitioner
RNTCP Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program
RPR Test Rapid plasma reagin
RTI/STI Reproductive tract infection/Sexually transmitted infection

Abbreviation Full Form
SBA Skilled Birth Attendant (Special training course is available for SBA).
Septic delivery Delivery contaminated by infection.
SHG Self Help Group
SPMU State Program Management Unit
STLS Senior Tuberculosis Laboratory Supervisor
STS Senior Treatment Supervisor

Abbreviation Full Form
TNSMC Tamil Nadu State Medical Corporation
Total ANC Registration Total of all new Antenatal cases registered during the given period.

Abbreviation Full Form
Ultrasound guided biopsy A biopsy carried out using ultrasound for guidance.

Abbreviation Full Form
VCTC Voluntary counselling and testing centre.
Vertical health programs/societies These are stand alone health programs which have not been integrated so far such as – AIDS control program, pulse polio program etc. These programs have separate funding and organisation structure
VHND Village Health and Nutrition Day
VHSC Village Health & Sanitation Committee

Abbreviation Full Form
Wet mount The vaginitis wet mount test is a test to detect an infection of the vagina.

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