Over all Index

Performance decreases from 'A' to 'D'.
*Based on a composite index calculated on 16 RMNCH+A indicatorscovering the following 4 stages of lifecycle:
  • Pre-pregnancy/reproductive age
  • Pregnancy care
  • Child birth / delivery
  • Post natal, maternal and new born care

Health Management
Information System

Statistics Wing
Ministry of Health
Family Welfare
Government of India

HMIS Overview

  • Web based Monitoring system of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • To monitor the performance of programmes and interventions under National Health Mission (NHM)
  • Services provided through the large network of health facilities across rural and urban areas
  • Currently around --B.2.1-- health facilities are reporting data every month
  • Ease of accessibility & use
  • Better monitoring and evaluation of health programes
  • Provide key inputs to health policy formulation and interventions
  • Improved capability of data reporting and analysis
  • Use of Business Intelligence tools

Performance at a glance


  • --C.1.1-- pregnant women registered for Ante Natal Care (ANC)
  • --C.1.2-- pregnant women received four ANC checkups
  • --C.1.3-- pregnant women received 180 Iron Folic Acid (IFA) tablets
  • --C.1.4-- live births
  • --C.1.5-- sterilizations conducted
  • --C.1.6-- IUCD insertions
  • --C.1.7-- outpatient consultations
  • --C.1.8-- patients admitted
  • --C.1.9-- major operations done
  • --C.1.10-- minor operations done
  • --C.1.11-- Haemoglobin (Hb) tests conducted

(Provisional figures as on --UPDATED_ON--)

Reports / Publications

Standard & Analytical Reports on HMIS
  • Score Card & Dashboard
  • Factsheets
  • Reporting Status
  • Item-wise Reports
  • Key HMIS Indicators
  • Reproductive & Child Health (RCH) Reports
  • Facilities reporting Minimum & Maximum performance on Selected Indicators
  • Facility-wise performance monitoring on predefined ranges

Other Reports & Publications

  • Survey Reports: Annual Health Survey, District Level Household & Facility Survey, National Family Health Survey etc
  • Health & Family Welfare Statistics
  • Rural Health Statistics
  • Sample Registration System Bulletin