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Cover PageCover PageCover Page.pdf
Part 1Rural Health Care System in India1-25Rural Health Care System in India.pdf
Part 2 Section-IComparative Statements26-40Comparative Statements.pdf
Part 2 Section-IIDemographic Indicators41-46Demographic Indicators.pdf
Part 2 Section-IIIRural Health Intrastructure47-55Rural Health Intrastructure.pdf
Part 2 Section-IVHealth Manpoer in Rural Areas56-76Health Manpoer in Rural Areas.pdf
Part 2 Section-VStatus of Facilities Available77-83Status of Facilities Available.pdf
Part 2 Section-VITraining of Medical and paramedical Personnel84-85Training of Medical and paramedical Personnel.pdf
Part 2 Section-VIIRural Health Care-Some parameters of Achivement86-94Rural Health Care-Some parameters of Achivement.pdf
Part 2 Section-VIIIRural Health Infrastructure in Tribal Areas95-113Rural Health Infrastructure in Tribal Areas.pdf
Part 2 Section-IXBuilding Position and Manpower of SDH and DH114-117Building Position and Manpower of SDH and  DH.pdf
Part 2 Section-XDistrict-wise Health Care Infrastructure118-130District-wise Health Care Infrastructure.pdf
Part 3 (I)Proforma for Progress Report131-151Proforma for Progress Report.pdf
Part 3 (II)Status of Data in Publication152Status of Data in Publication.pdf
Part 3 (III)List of Abbreviations153List of Abbreviations.pdf
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